Sarah Bishop

Hey! My name is Sarah Young (or if you ask my sister it’s pronounced Sayruh) and I’m originally from Montgomery, Alabama. I did undergrad in Memphis, TN before returning to Alabama for med school at UAB. I swam competitively all through high school and college, and even did a few club swim events in medical school. I also love singing and music and am trying to teach myself how to play the acoustic guitar, though I must admit it’s not going well. I’m a huge nerd/dork—you can catch me watching reruns of Stargate, Merlin, or Lord of the Rings on any given free weekend. I love mountains/lakes over the beach, but I really hate bugs. I’m looking forward to marrying my amazing fiancé this year and being stable enough in my life to own a kitten.

Fast Facts:

Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama

College: Rhodes College

Medical School: University of Alabama at Birmingham

EM Interests: Global Health, Ultrasound, Critical Care

When not at work you can find me: Walking in nature unless it's really hot, then I'll probably be watching Netflix or lost in a good book.

Favorite Place in GVL: Falls Park and Spill the Beans

Spirit Animal: Turtle... I'm pretty introverted but steady and reliable!

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