EKG Mini-Series

September 20, 2022

911 in the 864 is a webcast designed to teach about prehospital care and laugh along the way. Every month Micheal Ellis and Dr. Fabiano will discuss a topic relevant to emergency medicine and some interesting cases they've recently encountered.

Check out their most recent 'Nitty Gritty' EKG Mini Series at https://www.911inthe864.com/about-4

Sarah Fabiano, MD, FACEP, FAAEM

Dr. Fabiano went to medical school at State University of New York/Syracuse and completed her residency at University of Rochester/Strong Memorial Hospital. She serves as the Medical Director for Clemson Fire and EMS, Medical Director for Med rans Greenville, Life Flight, AirMed Regional, and Tandem Transport. Medical Director of the Greenville County Correctional Facility and Medical Director for Spartanberg Community College EMS Program.

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