Medical Education Fellowship Overview

July 11, 2020
Program Highlights

Novel Medical Education Fellowship comes to the Prisma Health-Upstate Department of Emergency Medicine

If you’ve sat in a lecture hall for an hour-long PowerPoint-based lecture within the past few months, raise your hand! I have sat in enough of these lectures to last an entire lifetime, and while I definitely think there is a time and place for (brief, engaging) lecture-based content, today’s generations are hungry for different modalities of teaching and learning. In general, Millennial and Gen-Z learners thrive under learning conditions which are collaborative, engaging, and incorporate elements of technology to satiate a constant craving for information and meaning.  

To address this need, as of July 2020, Prisma Health-Upstate will introduce its first-ever Fellowship in Medical Education within the Department of Emergency Medicine with an emphasis on engaging modern learners. Our inaugural fellow, Dr. Caroline (Stoddard) Astemborski, a graduate of Prisma Health-Upstate Emergency Medicine residency and also the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville, will complete a two-year hands-on training while also obtaining her master’s degree in education for health professionals.  

While the curriculum will cover the core areas and emphases of medical education – undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education, including curriculum design, program evaluation, education research, and learning theory – the emphasis when approaching these elements will be on incorporating interactivity, educational technology, and principles of multimedia design.

Team-based learning, 3D printing to create anatomical models, using games to teach, audience response systems, the appropriate use of #FOAMed, and the creation of e-learning modules are just a few of the areas that the fellow will engage with.  

We hope to create a new educational standard here at Prisma Health-Upstate and to inspire others to try new teaching methods. Stay tuned for more resources and a toolbox for educators to be developed in the near future. For questions about the fellowship, ongoing projects, or to meet one-on-one with us, please email:


For more information on the above topics, check out these resources:

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Sara Paradise Dimeo, MD

Dr. Dimeo comes to Greenville most recently by way of California where she completed the Multimedia Design Education Technology Fellowship at the UC-Irvine in 2019. She completed her residency at the University of Arizona in Tucson in 2017. She is the former Director of Education for the Emergency Medicine Residents' Association (EMRA). Here at Greenville she serves as the Fellowship Director for the Medical Education and Technology Fellowship, and the Director of Assessment and Feedback for Graduate Medical Education. Her professional interests including slide design and using interactive methods of learning during didactics such as gamification and team-based learning.

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