Procedure and Simulation Session Highlights - February 2019

July 19, 2019
Program Highlights

Interdisciplinary Learning

Dr. Adam Tyson joined us from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology for our February 2019 monthly procedure session.  His focus was on the highest risk complications of emergent delivery: shoulder dystocia and breech presentation.  The session highlights included a review of the HELPERR mnemonic as a guide to things to consider during a shoulder dystocia as well as individual resident practice in resolving shoulder dystocia and facilitating breech delivery.

Dr Tyson instructs group of PGY1 and 2 residents at Sim Center

Bringing it all together

A few weeks later, we applied Dr. Tyson’s teaching to a simulated emergency department delivery complicated by shoulder dystocia and preeclampsia.  As a team, residents worked together to deliver a term infant and manage the mother’s preeclampsia.  In a parallel session, Dr. Sierakowski led residents through placement of an umbilical venous catheter with a simulation case involving on neonatal resuscitation.

PGY 1 Dr. Graham delivering sim infant during mock resuscitation

With the expert guidance of both our obstetrical expert educator and our own pediatric emergency medicine specialist, residents became adept in the rarely performed yet essential skills of emergency delivery and neonatal resuscitation.

Ben Roth, MD

GME Director of Simulation and Procedures

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