Junior Physicians Workshop

September 30, 2019
Program Highlights

Each year in June the Coastal Emergency Medicine Conference is held at Kiawah Island, South Carolina hosted by the Colleges of Emergency Physicians of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Our intern class gets to attend every year. Not only do we participate in the conference workshops and lectures as well as spend our free time at the beautiful Kiawah beach, but we also host the Junior Physicians Workshop! 

The Junior Physicians Workshop is an event for the children of the attendees to the conference. This past June, the Class of 2021 ran the workshop and taught the Junior Physicians about different topics related to health and medicine. At our workshop we held six different stations for our Junior Physicians to experience and learn!

Seeing the Unseen: An Ultrasound Demo

Drs. Ashlee Davis and Selom Avotri taught our junior docs about ultrasound, showing demonstrations of common ultrasound exams we do in the ED. The kids loved seeing Dr. Avotri’s heart beating!


Dr. Cody Meyers taught our junior doctors about CPR. Hands only CPR is a great skill and we’re never too young to learn and practice!

Slime Time Live Handwashing

Dr. Ethan Brown and I made some glow slime with our Junior Docs and got all messy. We discussed handwashing and why it’s important. Our junior docs know handwashing helps keep us from getting sick. We then went to wash our slimy hands and looked at our hands under a blacklight to see if we got all the slime off!

Operation: My Beating Heart

Dr. Conner Graham had a blast teaching kids about heart beats as they got to try out their new stethoscopes! They also had some fun worksheets and coloring sheets all about different parts of the body while having an “Operation” tournament.

Splinting ‘dem Bones

Drs. Erich Burton and Graham Roberts showed our junior physicians how to splint a broken arm! 

Doctor Gear Relay Race

Master of the relay race, Dr. TJ Lynch coached the young physicians through a team relay race to put on a hat, mask, and gloves, and limp to the finish on a crutch. No broken bones that Drs. Burton and Roberts had to splint!

Until Next Year!

Our residency class had so much fun hosting the Young Physicians Workshop. We loved teaching those kids a little about medicine and some of what we do! Looking forward to continuing the tradition with the Class of 2022 this June.

Kiawah Island, South Carolina
Hannah Shull, MD

Emergency Medicine, Class of 2021

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