Avery Bingham, MD

Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana

Undergraduate School: Louisiana Tech

Medical School: LSU Health - Shreveport

Why Prisma EM? I applied to Greenville because I knew I wanted to match somewhere in the southeast but I honestly didn't know much about the program. After my interview I was absolutely blown away. It was probably the only interview where I was comfortable enough to be entirely myself and I spent the rest of the interview season comparing every school to Greenville. Besides just having that "feeling" during my interview, the program also has so many great things to offer - perfect balance of community/academic experience, amazing resident benefits, friendly faculty, and not to mention the city of Greenville practically sells itself (seriously, google it)

When not at work, you can find me: Hanging anywhere outside with my husband, visiting the local watering holes (big brewery gal), attempting to dominate the pickleball court (I'm a washed up tennis player who turned to the dark side), or planning a good old fashioned overly-competitive game night

Interesting fact about yourself: My husband and I own seven bikes between the two of us - one being a tandem bike that we break out every now and then for rides around the neighborhood

EM Interests: pediatric emergency medicine

Favorite thing to do in Greenville: Bike to the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and grab lunch

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